"belonging, being and becoming” 

This body of work titled belonging, being and becoming is about searching for a sense of place and desperately wanting to belong. It’s about expectations, lies, secrets, disappointments and memories that wreak havoc with your mind. My entire life, I felt that I didn’t belong. The situation worsened when I learned it was all a lie and the person I trusted most in the world was the one telling the lies. For me this is a very personal journey and although I can’t talk about it, the work is my voice, it speaks for me.


My earliest memories always had music in them. Music held my hand through every emotion that I ever felt. Music was a way of coping with everything that life dealt me. So for me it made sense that it be a major part of my work. 


I’ve always experimented with my art and I wanted or more importantly, needed to immerse myself in this project. I needed to express those pent up unexpressed emotions. I discovered a process that made beautiful and complex patterns using sound.  Whilst experimenting with techniques and mediums, it was important that the work be transparent for reasons obvious only to me. Art and music saved me and helped me emerge from a very dark place. 


In the end I was able to create something beautiful from something that completely shattered my world.

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